celostátní sčítání dopravy 2020

2020 National Transportation Census

Contract title: Preparation, execution and evaluation of the 2020 National Transport Census
Client: Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic
Solution deadline: 07/2020–06/2021

Brief summary

The national traffic census (hereafter referred to as CSD2020) is a national traffic survey event that provides the necessary data for road management. They are needed for processing the road network development concept, road construction and repair plan, planning their maintenance, processing transport construction documentation, environmental protection solutions, etc.

It has been carried out since 1980 in regular five-year cycles.

Objectives of CSD2020:

  • Get up-to-date information on the load on the Czech highway and road network,
  • to find out and evaluate the development of car traffic intensity since the National Traffic Census in 2016,
  • to determine traffic performance on the highway and road network by categories of roads and by territorial units,
  • develop a "CSD2020 Results Report",
  • secure data on the load on the network of motorways and roads with the status of European communication for the report submitted to the European Economic Commission at the United Nations (hereinafter referred to as UNECE),
  • obtain data to update the traffic development forecast,
  • get data to update TP189,
  • in case of interest of statutory cities and municipalities, to evaluate the results of surveys on local roads.

Interested in census results?

You can find them at www.cdv.cz/novinky/vysledky-celostatniho-scitani-dopravy-2020-csd2020/ .

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