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Autonomous mobility of the 21st century

Autonomous mobility of the 21st century

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The book covers the history and present of CAD development, degrees of UAE driving automation, social, technological and consumer trends, the human factor, the context of transformation, local and European public policy, vehicle driving automation and autonomous mobility, driving automation systems and HD maps, new mobility services, the MaaS system, the process of acceptance and adoption, intelligent transport systems, their services and applications and electromobility.

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  • Tögel M.
  • Locksmith P.
  • Klečková S.
  • Vondráčková L.
  • Dęcky P.
  • Frič J.


1. Introduction
2. History and present development of autonomous vehicles
3. Social, technological and consumer trends

4. Context of transformation and public policy
4.1 European public policy
4.2 Czech public policy

5. Vehicle Control Automation (CAD)
5.1 Degrees of SAE control automation
5.2 Driving automation systems and HD maps
5.3 The human factor

6. New Mobility Services (NMS)
6.1 MaaS ecosystem and MaaS platform functions
6.2 Autonomous Mobility (CCAM) and Smart Mobility System
6.3 Acceptance and Adoption Process

7. Intelligent transport systems (ITS) and transport infrastructure
7.1 ITS Services and Applications
7.2 Connectivity and V2X communication
7.3 Transport infrastructure and traffic management TM2.0

8. Electromobility
8.1 Electric vehicles (EVs)
8.2 Electromobility, CCAM and MaaS

9. Conclusion


This book was co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ÉTA Program, as part of the project TL01000530 Support for the implementation of autonomous vehicle technology and innovative mobile services in Czech cities and regions.


ISBN 978-80-88074-83-0
Release year: 2021