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Safe community - Handbook for calming traffic by humanizing street space

Safe community - Handbook for calming traffic by humanizing street space

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The development of automobile transport has caused a number of negative consequences, including air pollution and dangerous streets. Preference for motorized transport leads to a decline in the quality of life. Support for active mobility and improvements to public spaces bring an increase in safety, aesthetics and quality of life in cities. This manual offers tools and measures for traffic calming that will be appreciated by public administrations and civic associations.
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1 Where is the problem? Tools for identifying problem areas and solutions
1.1 Sensory maps
1.2 Safety audit of public spaces
1.3 Involvement of youth and schools
1.4 Road safety audit
1.5 Road safety inspection

2 Traffic calming
2.1 Options and general principles
2.2 Comprehensive traffic calming
2.3 Width arrangement of communication

3 Public transport as a city-building element
3.1 Stations and terminals
3.2 Public transport stops

4. Dangerous shortcuts
4.1 Creation of illegal abbreviations
4.2 Prevention of the occurrence or procedure for solving an existing illegal shortcut
4.3 The importance of social security and the aesthetics of space in the prevention of trespassing


This methodology was co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ÉTA Program, as part of the project TL02000194 Humanizing street space to increase the quality of life in cities and towns.


Release year: 2020