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Road traffic safety - current knowledge (part 1)

Road traffic safety - current knowledge (part 1)

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The publication summarizes the results of research plans and a number of research projects solved in recent years. The results of participation in the solution of dozens of foreign projects are also significantly reflected here.

The publication summarizes current knowledge on road safety. It covers a wide range of information describing the increasingly complex road safety system and its connections and impacts on the social and economic environment.

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  • Ambrose J.
  • Andres J.
  • Danková A.
  • Frič J.
  • Mikulík J.
  • Plíšková R.
  • He jumped
  • Folded P.
  • Folded P.
  • Strnadová Z.
  • Tecl J.



The book was created with the state support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the framework of the National Sustainability Program I, project Transport Research and Development Center (LO1610).


ISBN 978-80-86502-35-9