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Long-term noise assessment of road surfaces

Long-term noise assessment of road surfaces

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The purpose of the methodology is to provide an effective tool for evaluating the noise development of individual types of road surfaces during its use, which uses the CPX method in accordance with the ISO 11819-2 standard.

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  • Krivánek V.
  • Marková P.
  • Stryk J.
  • Jedlička J.
  • Tip L.
  • Effenberger K.


1 Introduction – goal of the methodology

2 Own description of the methodology
2.1 Purpose
2.2 Measurement of the acoustic characteristics of road surfaces

2.3 Measurement and evaluation of road noise by the CPX method
2.4 Interpretation of measurement results using the CPX method
2.5 Characteristic noise values ​​of individual surfaces in the Czech Republic

3 Comparison of the novelty of the procedures

4 Description of the application of the certified methodology

5 Economic aspects


This methodology was created with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ALFA Program, as part of the project TA04021486 Tools for the analysis and evaluation of the environmental impacts of road noise.