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Gender aspects in transport. Data on differences in access, opportunities and needs

Gender aspects in transport. Data on differences in access, opportunities and needs

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The publication deals with gender-specific differences in transport behavior and mobility needs. The book emphasizes the importance of gender equality in planning and creating transport policies. It covers key areas such as travel patterns, safety, access and use of transport, sustainable approaches and representation of women in the transport sector.

It offers a detailed analysis of gender differences, the historical development of gender studies, an examination of the principles of equality and recommendations for integrating gender perspectives into transport plans and policies.

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  • Adamovská E.
  • Vondráčková L.
  • Trepačová M.
  • Kočková J.
  • Horáková M.
  • Kurečková V.


1. Theoretical starting points and strategic documents
2. Traffic behavior patterns and mobility needs
3. The importance of personal safety in transport
4. Traffic safety
5. Individual modes of transport
6. Individual car transport
7. Public mass transport
8. Car versus mass public transport – reflections from group discussions
9. Cycling transport
10. Foot traffic
11. Representation of women in the transport sector
12. Sustainability and new transport technologies
13. Conclusion
14. Research methodology Women's traffic behavior in data


This book was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport within the program of long-term conceptual development of research organizations.


ISBN 978-80-88655-11-4 (online; pdf)
Release year: 2024