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Identification of critical places on roads in extravillan

Identification of critical places on roads in extravillan

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The methodology represents a new approach to the identification of critical places, which is based on modern foreign knowledge and has not been used in the Czech Republic so far. The fundamental difference compared to traditional methods lies in the use of the so-called expected number of accidents to predict the accident rate. Currently, critical points are identified on the basis of recorded traffic accidents, which does not allow consideration of the effect of regression to the mean. The new method is based on statistical methods and provides more reliable results than traditional methods.

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  • Striegler R.



This methodology was developed as part of the project Identification and solution of critical places and sections in the road network, which by their arrangement stimulate illegal and unreasonable
behavior of road users – IDEKO (research project number VG20112015013), a project of the safety research program of the Czech Republic for the years 2010–2015 of the Ministry of the Interior.