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Catalog of drainage faults on roads

Catalog of drainage faults on roads

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This report describes drainage failures of transport infrastructure objects, mainly roads, but also bridges and tunnels. Basic information related to the design of drainage and drainage systems, inspections related to their functionality and failure records is presented here.

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  • Mason P.
  • Stryk J.


1. Introduction

2 Drainage – sample sheets

2.1 Roadways
2.1.1 Surface drainage
2.1.2 Drainage
2.1.3 Drainage equipment
2.1.4 Passes
2.2 Bridges
2.3 Tunnels

3 Drainage - technical regulations
3.1 Roadways
3.2 Bridges
3.3 Tunnels

4 Inspections and diagnostics of the state of drainage
4.1 Tours
4.2 Diagnostics of the state of drainage

5 Drainage disorders
5.1 Roadways
5.2 Bridges
5.3 Tunnels

6 New catalog sheets of drainage faults


The result was created within the framework of the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic project no. TE01020168: Center for efficient and sustainable transport infrastructure (CESTI), in working group 1: Ground communication - intelligent and durable technological solutions with high technical efficiency.