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A comprehensive system of post-accident care in the Czech Republic

A comprehensive system of post-accident care in the Czech Republic

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The book summarizes current knowledge in the field of post-accident care, describes the situation in the Czech Republic and the possibilities for further development.

It deals with the description of the optimal procedures of primary psychological care-crisis intervention at the scene of traffic accidents and maps the possible procedures of long-term psychological care for participants in traffic accidents. The above findings are drawn from foreign scientific studies and research, as well as expert interviews with experts in the field, as well as our own questionnaire survey and socio-economic study. The book is intended both for organizations that deal with psychological care in the given area, as well as for experts from ordinary psychological practice, who will be provided with a comprehensive professional overview of the specifics of psychological care for participants in traffic accidents. The goal is to increase the quality of life of people after traffic accidents.

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  • Červinka D.
  • Sulíková B.
  • Koran M.
  • Neusarová J.
  • Brummerová K.
  • Jurčáková E.
  • Machálková D.
  • Bucsuházy K.
  • Kurečková V.
  • Adamovská E.
  • Tomešová L.


1 Psychosocial effects of traffic accidents
2 Psychosomatic effects of traffic accidents
3 Age and gender specificity
4 Post-traumatic growth
5 Immediate and short-term psychological care for participants in traffic accidents
6 Long-term psychological care and effective therapeutic procedures
7 A historical perspective on managing the consequences of trauma
8 System of care within the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic
9 Psychosocial post-accident care from the point of view of the Czech Association of Traffic Accident Victims
10 Care of persons with permanent disabilities
11 Specifics of post-accident care for professional drivers
12 Provision of lay first aid for acute life- or health-threatening conditions as a source of traumatic experience
13 Socio-economic impacts of traffic accidents on their participants
14 Case studies


This book was co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ÉTA Program, within the framework of the project TL05000424 Complex system of psychological post-accident care in the Czech Republic.


ISBN 978-80-88655-03-9
Release year: 2023