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Manual of cooperation between institutions in the process of planning sustainable urban mobility

Manual of cooperation between institutions in the process of planning sustainable urban mobility

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The manual aims to facilitate the cooperation of actors in the planning process and to provide cities and developers of sustainable urban mobility plans with recommendations for successful and effective cooperation.

Together with methodologies and other manuals that have been published in the Czech Republic, it will help experts planning transport in our (and possibly Slovak cities) find suitable methods and approaches for the given context and situation.

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  • Klimova A.
  • Bajgart M.
  • Čampula R.
  • Dytrt Z.
  • Kočková J.
  • Novotná Březovská B.


1.1 Reader's Guide
1.2 Institutional cooperation in the context of mobility planning

2.1 Methodological context and situation in the Czech Republic and abroad
2.2 Who to involve in the preparation of the mobility plan -
examples of institutional partners
2.3 Experiences of cities with cooperation in the planning process

3.1 Municipality and city office
3.2 Lower organizational units of self-government
3.3 Organizations established by the city
3.4 Neighboring territorial self-governing units
3.5 Higher territorial self-governing units
3.6 Regional offices of state organizations
3.7 Transport operators
3.8 Organizations performing the function of transport owners and administrators
and technical infrastructure
3.10 Nonprofit Organizations
3.11 Academic Sphere
3.12 External Non-Academic Experts
3.13 Local Businesses

4.1 Preparation phase
4.2 Analytical phase
4.4 Implementation, monitoring and evaluation

5.3 Trenčín: Political support for the mobility plan
5.4 Zlín: Establishment of a thematic working group for each mode of transport


This publication was prepared as part of the CLIMASUM project, which is part of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI), EUKI is a project financing tool of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK). The competition for project plans within EUKI is implemented by Deutsche Geselleschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.


ISBN 978-80-88074-46-5
Release year: 2023