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Traffic education methodology for kindergartens

Traffic education methodology for kindergartens

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Currently, in both kindergartens, emphasis is placed on increasing the safety of children in road traffic. This fact is also enshrined in the Framework Educational Program for Preschool Education1 (RVP PV). In practice, these traffic topics are addressed as part of traffic education, which kindergartens include once or twice a year, where traffic topics are addressed in a complete weekly block. If we look at the importance of this topic and its spillover into other areas, we will find that in order to increase the safety of children, these topics should be included in the program more often. Traffic education has a number of sub-goals that cannot be fulfilled within one week, moreover, repetition is the "mother of wisdom" and only thanks to it children can assimilate the acquired knowledge. What actually belongs to traffic education and what subtopics should be discussed with children of preschool age?
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  • Sustrová T.
  • Strnadová Z.
  • Tecl J.


1. Child and accident rate
1.3 Causes of traffic accidents involving preschool children

2. The psychomotor level of a preschool child and its impact on road safety

3. Correct practice in the movement of children in road traffic, in kindergarten mode
3.1 What to watch out for before going out with the children
3.2 Safety briefing before the walk
3.3 With children on the sidewalk
3.4 We transfer communication
3.5 We use public transport
3.6 Transportation by long-distance bus

4. Traffic education in kindergarten
4.1 Traffic education in the playroom
4.2 Traffic education in the field
4.3 Sources from which information and ideas can be drawn
4.4 Traffic Playground
4.5 Expected outputs when working with this methodology

5 Traffic education in the context of RVP PV 2017

6 Five-week project "Transport around us"
6.1 Characteristics of the project
6.2 Weekly topics


The methodology was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport as part of institutional support for the long-term conceptual development of a research organization, based on Decision No. 1-RVO/2018, on the research infrastructure acquired from the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovation (CZ.1.05/2.1.00 /03.0064).