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Methodology of environmental audit of transport infrastructure

Methodology of environmental audit of transport infrastructure

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The methodology introduces a new preventive tool for environmental protection in relation to transport, namely the Environmental Audit of Transport Infrastructure (hereinafter EADI). Unlike the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process, which focuses primarily on new construction, EADI is designed to assess the impact on the existing road network.

It complements existing systems for monitoring the impact of traffic on the health of residents, traffic safety and the system of technical inspection of buildings with a systematized assessment of the effects on other components of the environment, especially water, soil, biota and landscape.

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  • They got.
  • Angel P.
  • Jedlička J.
  • Gorčicová I.
  • Havlicek M.
  • Svoboda J.


1. Objective of the methodology
2. Introduction

3. Methodological part
3.1. Organizational procedure
3.2. Structure of EADI
3.3. Biota
3.4. Water and soil
3.5. Country

4. Comparison of the novelty of procedures
5. Description of the application of the methodology
6. Economic aspects


This methodology was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport as part of the program of long-term conceptual development of research organizations.