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Methodology for the Design and Operation of Vehicle Weighing in Motion (WIM) Systems

Methodology for the Design and Operation of Vehicle Weighing in Motion (WIM) Systems

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The methodology summarizes the knowledge about high-speed weighing that was obtained by the processors based on the measurements made and the knowledge that was published in the materials mentioned in the text. On the basis of the knowledge gained and the measurement results achieved, the requirements for the inspection site, inspection equipment and procedure for ensuring and performing high-speed inspection weighing were proposed, including the introduction of other possibilities of using the WIM system.

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  • Doupal E.
  • Novotný J.


1. Introduction

2. Overview of legal regulations and technical standards
2.1. Legislation
2.2. Technical standards

3. Authority to carry out inspection

4. Checkpoint
4.1. Checkpoint location
4.2. Checkpoint requirements

5. Control device
5.1. WIM station requirements
5.2. Required information about the result of dynamic lane weighing
5.3. Installation of sensors and induction loops of the WIM station
5.4. International requirements for the measurement accuracy of the WIM system
5.5. Weight, length, speed tolerance in the Czech Republic
5.6. Possibilities of using the WIM system

6. Documents on the result of high-speed control weighing

7. Procedure for detecting the exceeding of specified values ​​by high-speed control weighing


This methodology was co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the Competence Center Program, within the framework of project TE01020168 – Center for Efficient and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure (CESTI).