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Methodology for monitoring procedures and evaluating bridge behavior using the WIM system

Methodology for monitoring procedures and evaluating bridge behavior using the WIM system

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The methodology brings knowledge to the application of an innovative system for the collection and evaluation of data in the field of bridge structures with a focus on their diagnosis and safety. The central element of the system consists of a high-speed device for determining weight, which is supplemented by systems based on optical fibers, strain gauges, cameras, induction loops and others. The methodology also includes an assessment of aspects of usability and economic benefit of the system. The early detection of risky states of the bridge structure is a current topic worldwide and constitutes a key element for the safety of the structure and its optimal diagnosis.

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  • Doupal E.
  • Juhas M.
  • Koutnik O.
  • Včelák J.
  • Zemčík P.


1. Overview of legal regulations and technical standards
1.1. Legislation
1.2. Technical standards

2. Concept of the system
2.1. Centralized variant
2.2. Decentralized variant
2.3. Combined option

3. Brief description of measurement principles
3.1. Optical fiber sensors and their use for monitoring bridge structures
3.1.1. Optical fiber sensors with distributed measurement
3.1.2. Fiber Bragg Gatting (FBG) sensors
3.2. Accelerometer measurements and bridge sensors
3.3. Measurement WIM systems
3.4. Identification and re-identification of vehicles
3.5. Locating vehicles on bridges
3.5.1. Location detection by analyzing video sequences
3.5.2. Location detection based on knowledge of vehicle speed
3.5.3. Necessary accuracy of vehicle position measurement
3.6. Time synchronization of sensory systems
3.6.1. Within the bridge structure
3.6.2. For remote systems (decentralized variant)

4. Description of the categories of bridge defects and their detection possibilities

5. Categorization of sensors
5.1. Accelerometers
5.2. Vehicle position sensors on bridges
5.3. Strain gauges and fiber optic sensors
5.4. Inclinometers
5.5. Temperature sensors
5.6. Corrosion sensors
5.7. Vehicle weighing systems

6. Quantitative analysis of bridge decking
7. Analysis of possible outcomes
8. Economic aspects
9. Application of methodology
10. Risk analysis


This methodology, entitled Methodology for monitoring and evaluation of bridge behavior using the WIM system, was created as part of the project System for diagnosing the condition and protection of bridge structures using WIM, project number CK020000126, financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport as part of the TRANSPORT 2020+ Program .


ISBN 978-80-88655-16-9 (online, pdf)
Release year: 2024