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Methodology for public transport preference

Methodology for public transport preference

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This methodology is intended to be a guide in the selection of preferential measures or in the implementation of others
measures so that there are no negative effects on the operation of public mass transport.
It does not aim to determine a specific construction solution for the given measures.

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  • Lots of J.
  • Vanya M.
  • Vašíček J.


1. Introduction
1.1 The term "Public transport preference" and its purpose
1.2 Motorization development and public transport preferences in the Czech Republic
1.3 Current status of public transport preferences in the Czech Republic

2. Legislative and normative framework of preference
2.1 Czech Republic
2.2 International legislation and standards
2.3 European Union transport policy
2.4 Other forms and instruments of EU public transport support

3. Forms of preference and analysis of their influence on public transport and road traffic
3.1 Economic-Social preferences
3.2 Psychological preference
3.3 Spatial preference
3.4 Organizational operating preferences
3.5 Preferences and Problem Areas

4. Recommended procedure for introducing preferential measures and description of individual preferential measures
4.1 Decision-making process – involvement of all key participants
4.2 Decision-making process for the decision to introduce a preference
SWOT analysis or why prefer VHD?
4.3 Examples of specific preferential measures


The methodology was created with the state support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the framework of the National Sustainability Program I, project Transport Research and Development Center (LO1610).