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Methodology for surveying traffic behavior for the needs of a sustainable urban mobility plan

Methodology for surveying traffic behavior for the needs of a sustainable urban mobility plan

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The methodology of the survey of traffic behavior for the needs of the sustainable urban mobility plan aims to update the document Methodology of active travel research from 2014, especially with regard to the needs of the creation of sustainable urban mobility plans. Traffic behavior surveys represent an important source of information on the mobility of individual population groups. Without data from traffic behavior surveys, it is not possible to effectively plan traffic to meet the needs of the residents of the area of ​​interest. In sustainable urban mobility plans, they are used to evaluate the current state of transport demand, to reveal new demand trends, but also to identify weaknesses in the transport system. The data are further used for the construction of selected European SUMI indicators or for the evaluation of the impacts of measures taken in the past. Last but not least, survey data is an important input when compiling or updating a demand transport model. The methodology first focuses on the description of the collected data, and then presents the survey preparation procedure (sample set, collection technology or survey layout) and the data collection itself in individual steps. Compared to the previous version, it focuses in detail on the processing and control of the obtained data. The methodology builds on Czech and foreign experience and contributes to the international, and at least European, effort to standardize traffic behavior surveys, and thus make their outputs not only high-quality, but also mutually comparable.
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  • Kouril P.
  • Dytrt Z.
  • Simeček M.


1. Introduction
2 Data collected in traffic behavior surveys
3 Methodology of data collection
4 Basic outputs from the survey
5 Advanced data processing
6 Comparison of novelty
7 Description of the application of the certified methodology
8 Economic aspects


This methodology was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport as part of the program of long-term conceptual development of research organizations.