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Methodology for the development of charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic

Methodology for the development of charging infrastructure in the Czech Republic

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Currently, the pressure on long-term sustainable transport is increasing, the aim of which is to minimize the negative impacts of transport on the environment. Electric cars are one of the ways to reduce local emissions. However, these vehicles need a high-quality public charging infrastructure that will be suitably distributed throughout the Czech Republic.

For this reason, this methodology was developed, which focuses on the conceptual development of public charging infrastructure, taking into account traffic engineering parameters. The main output of the methodology is a web application.

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  • Kadula L.
  • Tip L.
  • Sedoník J.
  • Elgner J.
  • Cícha V.


1. Basic terms
1.1 Charging locations
1.2 Charging station
1.3 Charging points
1.4 Charging connectors
1.5 Electric vehicles

2. Default data sources
2.1 Record of charging stations
2.2 Database of the European Alternative Fuels Observatory
2.3 Nationwide traffic census
2.4 Census of car traffic in Prague
2.5 Central vehicle register
2.6 Projection of the number of vehicles and charging points
2.7 European comparison of registration of BEV and PHEV vehicles in connection with charging infrastructure

3. Modeling and network analysis
3.1 Service Area – definition of the reachability area
3.2 Location of new charging stations

4. Outputs
4.1 Web Application
4.2 Map

5. Bonuses in the Transport Operational Program

Comparison of the novelty of procedures
Description of the application of the methodology
Economic aspects


This methodology was financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Transport within the Transport 2020+ Program.


ISBN 978-80-88074-94-6
Release year: 2022