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Methodology of using a camera system at railway crossings for prevention and repression

Methodology of using a camera system at railway crossings for prevention and repression

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The methodology provides a summary of the most important available information regarding the establishment, operation and use of camera systems at railway crossings, primarily for the purpose of identifying and sanctioning traffic offenders at crossings, but also other functions (supervision, information material for accident investigations, material for resolving disputed cases, e.g. complaints about non-functioning security equipment, etc.). Based on our own research, experience and literature study, it can be conclusively stated that camera systems are an effective means of positively influencing the behavior of road users and at the same time providing a number of additional useful functions to other parties. The aim of this methodology is to support their effective practical development in order to increase traffic safety at railway crossings and reduce the risk of extraordinary events.

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  • Folded P.
  • Tučka P.
  • Folded P.
  • Bidovsky M.


1. Objective of the methodology
2. Users of the methodology
3. The novelty of the methodology

4. Introduction to the issue
4.1 General
4.2 Political support of camera systems
4.3 Examples of the use and expansion of the camera system in selected countries

5. Advantages, possibilities and functions of camera systems
6. The influence of the camera system on the behavior of road users, reducing the rate of committing offences
7. Criteria for the use of camera systems at railway crossings

8. Legal aspect of setting up and operating camera systems, aspects of railway crossings
8.1 General
8.2 Key terms "processing of personal data" and "personal data"
8.3 Basic condition for using the camera system
8.4 Obligations of the administrator of personal data

9. Use of data from the camera system to prosecute offenders, legislation
10. Running a red light, what can be considered a misdemeanor?

11. The role of the administrative authority and the role of the police in the process of reporting and processing the offence
11.1 Role of the Administrative Authority
11.2 Role of the Police
12. Access to data from the camera system, data transfer, data protection


This methodology was created with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ALFA Program, as part of the project TA01030374 Research on the motivation of drivers to violate traffic rules at railway crossings and research on other possibilities of camera systems for prevention and repression.