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Methodology of using light barriers at railway crossings

Methodology of using light barriers at railway crossings

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This methodology regulates the procedure for the use and placement of the light barrier in practice and elaborates in further detail the relevant part of TP 217 (chapter 2.8). It defines the criteria for the use of the light barrier, i.e. the characteristics of the crossings for which the device is suitable and the safety risks it can remediate. At the same time, it is assumed that the strongest motivation will be in particular the aspect of a significant increase in road safety.

The following entities will mainly use the methodology in their work:

  • Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic,
  • road administrators and owners, road administration authorities,
  • The Railway Administration (SŽDC) and other railway operators, including sidings,
  • road designers and designers of crossing security devices,
  • traffic engineers of the Police of the Czech Republic,
  • road safety auditors.
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  • Folded P.
  • Tučka P.
  • Folded P.
  • Bidovsky M.
  • Frič J.


1. Purpose of the methodology and introduction to the issue
1.1 The purpose of the methodology and its novelty
1.2 Overview of the issue, initial data
1.3 Crossings and security
1.4 Consequences of accidents at crossings
1.5 Circumstances contributing to accidents at crossings
1.6 The potential of the light barrier to eliminate risks

2. Light barrier
2.1 General description and technical parameters
2.2 Discussion and determination of the light barrier
2.3 Light barrier and traffic signs
2.4 Pilot installation in the Czech Republic
2.5 Monitoring the behavior of road users
2.6 Public Acceptance Surveys

3. Criteria for using a light barrier
3.1 General
3.2 Criteria for the use of SZ resulting from the characteristics of the crossing

4. Summary of principles for using a light barrier
4.1 Problem Determination
4.2 Design process
4.3 Implementation, operation and maintenance


This methodology was created with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the ALFA Program, as part of the project TA01031404 Research into the applicability and effectiveness of the so-called light barrier at railway crossings in the Czech Republic