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Methodology for streamlining city investment planning

Methodology for streamlining city investment planning

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The aim of this methodology is to acquaint readers with modern digital tools and data sources that can be advantageously used for more efficient city administration and planning of investments in its development. On the basis of a wide range of data from various sources (so-called big data), many synergies can be created, thereby achieving significant financial and time savings. The methodology also provides guidance on determining the importance of different locations in the city, where investments should primarily be directed, as the degree of impact of the investment increases significantly with the importance of the location.

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  • Bárta D.
  • Muron M.
  • Bambušek M.


The goal of the methodology
Methodology description
Methodology implementation
Economic aspects
Comparison of the "newness" of procedures with the old methodology
Description of the application of the certified methodology

Appendix No. 1: Overview of data sets according to their source
State data
City data
Community data
Commercial data
Survey data

Appendix No. 2: List of used points of interest
Appendix No. 3: Classification of land and objects into individual types of areas
Appendix No. 4: Instructions for working with the assessment of areas in the CleverAnalytics application

Literature and sources used
List of publications that preceded the methodology
Specification of geodata storage formats


This methodology was created with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the OMEGA Program, as part of the TD03000244 SMART MAP project: use of modern tools and a wide range of data (BIG DAT) for strategic planning and urban investments.