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Multifactor analysis of traffic accidents

Multifactor analysis of traffic accidents

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The methodology deals with multi-factor analysis of traffic accidents - its aim is to provide a theoretical and practical basis for its implementation. Multifactor analysis can be carried out, for example, at the level of the regional road network, with the aim of identifying critical factors on which it is appropriate to focus traffic safety activities. The goal of the multifactor analysis of traffic accidents is the identification of critical influences and the quantification of their impact on the occurrence of traffic accidents. The methodology contains two main parts: in the first brief part (theoretical) the principle of the selected methods is presented; the emphasis and scope is mainly on the second (practical) part, where the methods are demonstrated on two examples.

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  • Striegler R.


1. Introduction
1.1 Traffic accident rate
1.2 Multifactor analysis
1.3 Defining the scope of the methodology

2 Theoretical part
2.1 Conceptual framework
2.2 Exploratory analysis
2.3 Dependency Analysis
2.4 Application in the context of accidents

3 Practical part
Example A - Intersections
A.1 Data preparation
A.2 Exploratory analysis
A.3 Dependency analysis
Example B – Inter-intersection sections
B.1 Data preparation
B.2 Exploratory analysis
B.3 Dependency analysis

4 Benefits of the methodology
4.1 Novelty of the procedure
4.2 Description of the application of the certified methodology
4.3 Economic aspects


This methodology was developed as part of the research project "Identification and solution of critical places and sections in the road network, which by their arrangement stimulate illegal and unreasonable behavior of road users" (IDEKO) of the Safety Research Program of the Czech Republic for the years 2010-2015 of the Ministry of the Interior (VG20112015013) .


ISBN 978-80-88074-01-4
Release year: 2014