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Myths in transport: From assumptions to verified facts

Myths in transport: From assumptions to verified facts

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The book brings an expert perspective on widespread but incorrect ideas about road safety. Through interviews with therapy course participants and lecturers, we uncovered fifteen essential myths, which were subjected to professional research and critical re-evaluation in order to provide lecturers and therapists with comprehensive information for their work.

The publication seeks to increase road safety through education and clarification of facts that contribute to the elimination of incorrect beliefs among drivers. The emphasis is on the scientific
approach and precision, with the book serving as a bridge between theory and practical application in therapy programs.

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  • Trepačová M.
  • Kurečková V.


1. Senior driving: Risk or stereotype?
2. I drive fast but safe: When confidence is deceiving
3. I drive better after drugs: Busting dangerous myths
4. Alcohol behind the wheel: Widespread mistakes
5. One beer before driving: Carefree driving or serious risk?
6. Weather and accident rates: Facts versus assumptions
7. Holidays and traffic accidents: A surprising statistic
8. Highways and Safety: The Truth About Reducing Accidents
9. Speed ​​versus time: Myths about travel efficiency
10. Perceptions of safety: Large versus small vehicles
11. Seat belts: Between facts and fallacies
12. The Death Seat: The Truth About Risks and Safety
13. What to do after an accident: A guide to the correct procedure
14. Car first aid kit: A key element in first aid?
15. Exchange of data after an accident: More than just a formality


This book was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport within the program of long-term conceptual development of research organizations.


ISBN 978-80-88655-10-7
Release year: 2024