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Preventive safety assessment using data from floating vehicles

Preventive safety assessment using data from floating vehicles

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The methodology focuses on safety assessment using data from floating vehicles. The methodology is intended for researchers who deal with the issue of road safety assessment and are considering the use of data from floating vehicles; also for employees of the state administration and local government who encounter this issue in the role of the contracting authority for tenders for the supply of transport data. The methodology introduces both of these groups to the available data, methods of collection and potential usability for road safety assessment. The methodology also contains a search for ways to evaluate this data and also contains a specific example of collection and evaluation, which can be used both for evaluating the driving style of drivers and for identifying critical points of the road network.

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  • Ambrose J.
  • Altmann J.


1. Introduction

2. Data from floating vehicles (FCD data)
2.1 Data Collection
2.2 Measuring device
2.3 Data reduction options during storage
2.4 Additional information for data evaluation
2.5 Personal data protection and pseudonymization options

3. Possibilities of using FCD data for safety assessment
3.1 Identification of critical values
3.2 Examples of evaluation applications
3.3 Conclusions

4. Example of practical application (DIRECTION project)
4.1 Development of telematics units
4.2 Selection of locations
4.3 Collection and preparation of data
4.4 Validation of indicators
4.5 Design of the driving style evaluation algorithm

5. Summary


The methodology is the output of the project "Preventive evaluation of driving safety in relation to road traffic parameters" (SMĚR), solved by Princip, as and the Center for Traffic Research, vvi with the support of the Epsilon Program of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (number TH01010254).


ISBN 978-80-88074-57-1