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Vehicle Crush Investigation: A Guidebook to Documentation and Analysis

Vehicle Crush Investigation: A Guidebook to Documentation and Analysis

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The book aims to be a practical guide to the process of documentation and subsequent analysis of vehicle damage after an accident.

The publication covers the issue of vehicle damage documentation using conventional and modern methods and means. Subsequently, the analysis of damage is also presented, in particular the selected methods for quantifying the deformation energy, resp. EES.

Basic terms and quantities necessary for understanding and applying the presented procedures are explained. The advantages and limitations of the presented methods are demonstrated on real demonstrations and examples.

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  • Bucsuházy K.
  • Moravcová P.
  • Semela M.
  • Bilík M.
  • Mikulec R.
  • Křižák M.
  • Bradac A.
  • Dlugoš J.
  • She called R.


1. Vehicle Examination After an Accident
2. Vehicle Collision Mechanism
3. Methods for Vehicle Damage Documentation
4. Vehicle Damage Analysis
5. Methods for Determining EES
6. Specific Examples of Collision Speed ​​Determination
7. List of variables



ISBN 978-80-88655-02-2
Publication language: English