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Principles of safe construction of roads

Principles of safe construction of roads

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The book systematically describes the possibilities and methods of solving the places of frequent traffic accidents. At the same time, they emphasize the basic principles and elements of safe shaping of the traffic space. Their processing was based on experience from the evaluation of existing solutions in places with a frequent occurrence of traffic accidents and on foreign knowledge.

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  • Andres J.


2. Causes of traffic accidents according to the statistics of the Police of the Czech Republic

3. Proposals for measures on roads
3.1. Road sections through cities and towns
3.2 Intersections
3.3 Directional and height guidance of the route
3.4 Underpasses and tunnels
3.5 Level crossings
3.6 Pedestrians and cyclists
3.7 Road surfaces
3.8 Traffic signs
3.9 Greenery and road safety


This book was financed under the project of the Ministry of Transport and Communications CB402120602 - Elimination of the causes of road accidents (1996 - 1999).


ISBN 80-86502-00-7