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Animals on the roads

Animals on the roads

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Our society is constantly on the move, and road transport is one of the most widespread human activities in recent years. However, as a result of the movement of means of transport, there are many unpleasant collisions, between the vehicles themselves, but also with wild animals.

Listen to the presentation of the book by Mr. Bartonič HERE .

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  • White M.
  • Bartonička T.


1. Conflict between human society and wildlife
2. Global transport infrastructure
3. Wildlife collision statistics
4. Consequences of collisions with animals for vehicle crews
5. Causes of collisions with animals on roads
6. How does transport threaten wildlife?
7. Cadavers and their further fate
8. Secondary effects of roads
9. How to influence animals and prevent collisions with vehicles?
10. Measures aimed at the driver and the company


This book was created with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport within the program of long-term conceptual development of research organizations.


ISBN 978-80-88074-86-1
Release year: 2022